Rape reported at Mount Union dorm

Posted at 7:03 AM, Mar 23, 2016

A Mount Union student is facing charges for an alleged rape at a university dorm.

According to court documents, Felix Nshimiyimana, 23, was charged with rape Monday.

Police said Nshimiyimana engaged in sexual conduct with the victim against her will while in Cunningham Hall on Sunday evening. His arrest was the result of a rape investigation on Clark Avenue. 

Police said the victim gave a verbal statement which stated that Nshimiyimana entered her room without her permission, removed her pants and forced himself on her. 

Nshimiyimana was located in his dorm room and was arrested on Sunday. He was given a $250,000 bond and transferred from the Alliance Police Department to Stark County Jail. 

A Mount Union spokesperson released this statement to regarding the allegations:

Pursuant to the Family Education and Records Privacy Act (FERPA), we do not comment on matters regarding student educational records or activities.

What we can share is the institution’s Sexual Misconduct Protocol, a standard and extremely detailed protocol that is followed when an individual reports that he or she has been a victim of a sexual assault. This includes strongly encouraging and, as needed, assisting the victim with seeking medical attention, filing a police report and seeking support from a counselor.  We also suggest that the student consider discussing the issue with family members or others who can provide support. The institution is very committed to its protocol, which encourages the steps previously mentioned but also focuses on the rights of the victim while working cooperatively with local police officials.

This particular situation is part of an ongoing police investigation, thus we will be directing the media to the Alliance Police Department for any details related to the report.

Nshimiyimana is due in court again on March 30.