New details released in McKinley High School swim coach sexual abuse case

Posted at 6:33 PM, Aug 15, 2017

New details were revealed Tuesday in the case of a former Canton City Schools swim coach found guilty of having unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. 

Samuel Seiple, 57, pleaded guilty Monday to the charge. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail but most of that was suspended. He was released Monday. 

Police started investigating Seiple after a woman went to the Stark County Sheriff's Office in August of 2016 to report that the coach had been sexually assaulting her for years. 

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The woman, who News 5 is not identifying because she is a victim of sexual assault, told authorities it started when she was 17. She said Seiple knew she was having a hard time at home and school.

The then-teenager reported that Seiple "mentally, verbally and sexually" abused her for two years. She said he began to provide her with money and then control her finances. 

The victim said Seiple told her that "if she told anyone about their relationship she would be a home wrecker and would destroy his career and cause problems with the entire swimming program at the school." 

The victim said that as a result of the abuse, she quit the swim team. 

She said she "never made attempts to stop him because she was made to feel that she had to do this for him and she felt that she didn't have a choice not to go along with the acts of having sex."

But, during the investigation, authorities found that that victim wasn't his only one.

After the allegations appeared in a local newspaper, another woman came forward.

The woman said that Seiple began acting inappropriately with her when she was on the Canton City Club swim team in 1995 or 1996. At that time, she was 17 years old. 

She said Seiple took her out to lunch and dinner and "alienated her from other friends and swimmers." 

The woman said there was "nothing loving" about the first unwanted sexual encounter and "it was awful because she knew she had to go to swim practice the next day."

When she confronted him, she said he told her "they could make the relationship work and that it was fine."

The then-17-year-old said the encounters continued through the end of her freshman year of college. 

The woman said the reason she came forward after seeing the article is "because she originally felt it was an isolated incident and now that she knows that someone else was a victim, she feels obligated to come forward because she knows that people are not going to believe the victim because of the suspect's stature in the community." 

In court Monday, the most recent victim said, "I feel so ugly and disgusting because no matter how many times I shower, my skin was still touched by him."