Plain local students react to Superintendent tweet about snow day

Posted at 11:26 PM, Dec 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 08:55:30-05

Many Plain Local students and parents had an emotional reaction to the district superintendent’s tweet for students to “#KeepDreaming” about a snow day on Thursday. 

While nearby Canton and Alliance school districts declared Thursday a snow day, many Stark Co. schools chose not to close their doors. 

On Wednesday, Plain Local Schools Superintendent Brent May tweeted “Dear Plain Local students, I am very aware of the local forecast. Sincerely, your favorite Superintendent. #KeepDreaming.” 

The tweet garnered a large response from students and parents. Some were upset with the joking nature of the tweet. 

“As a parent; who gets a txt everyday from my kid; cause the bus takes 4ever this is not the tweet I want to see! #notlaughing,” one parent wrote. 

The post received dozens of photos, memes and other replies. Some replies were joking, others were upset. 

“What a rude comment to make,” another parent wrote.

May responded by tweeting “Always enjoy a little humor with the students in Plain Local. Remember, keep everything on social media appropriate #Perspective.” 

A spokesperson from Plain Local Schools said the decision to stay open was made with the students’ safety in mind: 

Canceling school is done on a case by case basis. Our superintendent and business manager are out on the roads driving to look at the conditions starting at about 4:30am on mornings where the weather looks like it might be an issue. Snow accumulation, driving conditions, temperature and wind chill are all taken into account. There is no specific number for any of these items that guarantee a cancellation, each day is looked at individually. 

Today Plain Local, as well all of the other public school districts in Stark County with the exception of Canton City and Alliance City made the decision to stay open after reviewing all of the information mentioned above.