Cruiser video shows woman thrashing after arrest

Posted at 1:15 PM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 21:55:44-05

A Massillon woman is facing charges for assaulting a peace officer after she allegedly fought off six officers as they were trying to arrest her. 

After she was taken into custody, police cruiser video also captured her kicking and banging her head against the partition in the car.

Two officers went to Asia Blasingame's home on Shriver Avenue SE around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday to arrest Blasingame on multiple warrants, including failure to comply with police, criminal damaging and grand theft of a motor vehicle.

One officer went to the back door while another went to the front door, according to the police report.

Blasingame didn't answer the door, but one of the officers reported hearing the woman in the house.

Blasingame's mother then answered the door and let police search the house, as other officers were called to assist.

She was not in any of the rooms, but one of the officers spotted a crawl space in the ceiling of a bedroom on the second floor. 

According to the police report, clothes hanging on a clothing rack in front of the stairs leading to the crawl space appeared to have been moved to the side.

While officers were standing near the crawl space, they heard footsteps above them. They tried to lift the cover to access the crawl space, but it was blocked. Officers determined Blasingame was standing on it to keep it closed.

One of the officers was able to lift the cover and twist it with his hands, causing a piece of insulation to fall through, along with Blasingame's foot and shoe, according to the report.

Several of the officers pulled on her legs until she slipped through the crawl space.

According to the report, she kicked one of the officers as he attempted to gain control of her.

One of the officers got her into the bedroom and put handcuffs on Blasingame, but then she refused to stand up, police said. 

They finally got her to the stairwell, but she lashed back and forth the whole way down, according to the report.

"I think our officers showed great restraint. There was no pepper spray needed to be used. No Tasers needed to be used," said Sgt. Mike Maier.

Officers then carried her to the car. 

She was transported Affinity Medical Center for medical evaluation and then booked into the Stark County Jail on charges of resisting arrest, intimidation and felony assault.

In the booking process, Blasingame threatened to kill an officer, according to Sgt. Maier.

Officers said Blasingame was handcuffed in the cruiser, but was still able to thrash and kick.

"It's absolutely a concern. First off, we don't want to injure any public members. We don't want any of our officers injured, and by far, we don't want the suspect injured either," Sgt. Maier added.