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Stark County junior Cameron Logar scored a perfect 36 points on his ACT test

Posted at 6:27 AM, May 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-08 06:27:15-04

STARK COUNTY, Ohio — He has so many accomplishments, it's hard to keep track.

But his latest one, might just trump them all. Cameron Logar got a 36 on his ACT test, that's a perfect score.

"Pretty happy, pretty relieved too cause I was like really nervous," said Cameron.

The high school junior at Lake Middle High School in Stark County, who boasts an overall 4.3 GPA, is hoping his perfect composite score on the college admissions test kick starts his future.

"It feels like, I can really do something good," said the 17-year-old.

Of course, Logar's family is jumping for joy.

"Gosh, we were over the moon excited for him, the anticipation was killing us," said Logar's mom, Amy Logar.

Amy says her son was identified as gifted early on, he's been reading since the age of 3.

"He has this vast accumulation of knowledge from video games to World War I, so he's just so interested in everything," she said.

And that's not an understatement, Cameron is involved in everything from piano to theater to model UN, chess club and much more.

So what's his secret to managing eight classes, balancing all of the extra curricular activities and also acing standardized tests?

"It seems so stressful, you're there you've got the timer clicking down every second but you need to just keep calm, remember all the studying, all the practicing," said Cameron.

As his time in high school ticks away and college gets closer, Cameron still isn't sure what his future holds, but he and his family know he'll do something awesome.

"He can get all the A's in the world, all the 5 point AP scores, but if he is not good or kind and using that knowledge to better everything, the world himself then its not that valuable," said Amy.

I want to be somebody who can reach out and touch peoples lives and possibly do something great," said Cameron.