The owner of a Canton art gallery says he was beaten & robbed after an art exhibit

Posted at 6:35 PM, Sep 04, 2016

The owner of a Canton art gallery is out of the hospital after he said he was beaten and robbed early Saturday morning outside of his business. The suspects are still on the loose.

“I don’t even remember waking up on the asphalt," said Tim Carmany. "I don’t even remember picking myself up. It’s weird how the memory works. I remember looking toward my car and then having blood coming down my mouth and back of my head.”

Carmany said he was closing up the Hub Art Factory on 6th St. Northwest after an art exhibit there when the incident happened, which caused him internal bleeding in the brain.

"I've got some stitches in my lip and then six stitches in the back of my head," added Carmany.

Carmany said he noticed a man urinating on the side of his building, and when he demanded that he leave, he got aggressive. At that point, another man walked up from around the corner. That's the last that Carmany said he remembers.

Carmany believes he was unconscious for about five minutes. When he woke up, his cell phone and wallet were gone. A man passing by helped him and called police.

“I’ve never had anyone attack me, and I’m just trying to keep this block looking nice," he added.

Carmany describes one suspect as a black man in his mid-20s, 6 foot, 3 inches tall, with a shaved head and a silver or gold grill on his teeth. He did not get a good look at the second suspect.

A Go Fund Me account has already generated $27,000 for Carmany, which he said he will use for his medical bills and to improve the security and lighting of business.