3 Perry Township drivers startled as windows were shot out while driving

PERRY TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Perry Township police are investigating to find out who is responsible for shooting out vehicle windows as drivers were traveling on roadways Tuesday evening.

According to Police Chief Mike Pomesky, windows from three different cars were shattered on Genoa Avenue SW and Navarre Road SW in Stark County.

It appears a pellet gun was used.

Bob McHue, 54, of Perry Township, was one victims. He was driving on Genoa Avenue around 7 p.m. when his driver's side window suddenly exploded.

"I wasn't hurt, but I felt the glass as it exploded. It shattered against my face and down on my lap and all over the front of my car," McHue said. "You didn't know whether to stop right away or keep on driving. I was scared."


McCue pulled over and dialed 911. He will have to pay $500 to have his window repaired.

"It's not a fun thing to do. It really is not. There are real repercussions. People could lose their lives," he said.

No injuries were reported, but Pomesky said the shooter created a "high potential" for causing a crash.

"With anything like this, we take it very serious and we will investigate it fully," Pomeskey said. "To have something like that happen, we're very fortunate that it didn't end in a crash and an injury or a traffic fatality."

Police are following leads and looking for any possible surveillance video in the area.

Anyone with information on the incidents is asked to call Perry Township Police at 330-478-5121.

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