VIDEO: Wrong-way driver faces drunk driving charge, cops pull suspect out of car in front of home

Posted at 4:36 PM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 23:09:29-04

A suspected drunk driver is facing charges after traveling the wrong way on a major Massillon street early Wednesday morning.

Daniel Cosgrove, 64, is charged with OVI, resisting arrest and failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer.

Shortly after 3 a.m., an officer spotted a Grand Marquis swerving on Lake Avenue NE, and then traveling northbound in the southbound lane of Amherst Road NE.

"He's all over the road and he's not stopping for me," the officer told dispatch.

The wrong-way incident was captured on police dash camera video and was alarming to Sgt. Brian Muntean.

"That could be a potential fatal situation. You can have a family of five coming southbound and you have a funeral for a whole lot of people," Muntean said.

Cosgrove pulled into the driveway of his home on Amherst Road, but seemed to ignore multiple police orders to get out of the car.

"I'm gonna to tell you one more time and the second time I'm gonna drag you out," the officer said to the driver.

A short time later, the video shows Cosgrove being dragged out of the car by several officers.

Police said Cosgrove struggled with officers as he was being handcuffed. He was transported to Affinity Hospital where blood was drawn. He was given a summons to appear in Massillon Municipal Court.

Cosgrove told News 5 that he had a few beers, but wasn't sure if he was over the legal limit. He said flashing lights and no lines on the recently re-paved roadway confused him even though he lives on the street.

He also disputed that he resisted arrest.

"Do you have to pull an old man out of a car and beat him down to cuff him?" Cosgrove said.

Asked if he should have been driving, Cosgrove said, "Probably not."

He also said he hopes other drivers learn from his mistakes.

Cosgrove added, "Number one, don't drink and drive. Number two would be comply at all times."

Massillon police arrested 209 people for OVI in 2016. Through June 21, the department has arrested 121 people for OVI in 2017.