911 call reveals moments before Uniontown officer was shot while responding to domestic dispute

Posted at 1:55 PM, Jul 12, 2017

911 calls released Wednesday reveal the moments before a Uniontown police officer was shot while responding to a domestic dispute call Sunday evening. 

Sgt. David White was shot four times while responding to the call. The suspect, Ryan Probst, was killed when police returned fire. 

Probst's sister first called dispatch saying her brother was having a verbal argument with his wife. During the 911 call, she told police it wasn't the first time officers were called to his residence because of a domestic dispute.

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Another call to dispatch, from an unidentified man, paints a picture of the events leading up to Sgt. White being shot four times before the suspect was fatally shot.

The caller described the situation before officers arrived.

"It’s a little bit physical. He also has a gun," the caller said. "He’s threatening to kill himself before you get here. I got the front door locked and I’m out in the backyard. My wife, 3-year-old and his wife are in the house. I can see if I can get them to unlock the front door."

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Dispatch urged the caller to stay outside until officers arrive.

The caller then told dispatch Probst came outside and was on the landing with a gun. While still on the phone, the caller repeatedly yells at Probst to "put the gun down!"

Then the conversation went as follows:

Caller: Ryan don’t! Ryan Don’t
Dispatcher: What did he do? What did he do? 
Caller: He shot me.
Dispatcher: What?
Caller: He shot me (inaudible)
Dispatcher: He shot you?
Caller: I think it was a blank.

Sgt. White, who is in charge of the midnight shift, responded with the only other officer working.

That's when police say Probst started shooting.

It's not clear if both Sgt. White and his partner fired their guns but gunfire was returned and Probst was shot and killed.