Akron man says police report was filed against 10-year-old for cutting neighbor's grass

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jul 10, 2017

A 10-year-old child in Akron was told to stay away from his neighbor in a written letter from the county prosecutor's office and the kid's parents say it's all because he mowed the neighbor's lawn.

Charles Wilson says he had no idea there was a real problem until they got the letter in the mail.

"All over a 10-year-old mowing the lawn," Wilson said. 

Wilson says his young son meant well and he thought he was doing their neighbor a favor. 

"He cut ours and then he decided to go over and mow part of theirs...He has ADHD, he's on medication, but he's a Cub Scout and he likes to do things for people," Wilson said. 

According to Wilson, the neighbor yelled at his son, Zachary, and at him and his wife, and they thought that was it until the letter came in the mail. He called to verify it was real. 

"I found out this morning, it's from the prosecutor's office," he said. 

"Please be advised that Zachary Wilson is requested to have NO CONTACT directly or indirectly with James Muffet, his family or property," the letter says.
The neighbor who filed the complaint didn't answer the door to News 5. According to the letter from the Summit County Prosecutor's Office, he referred to his cut grass as "disorderly damaging."

The grass has grown back but Wilson says he worries not everything else will repair itself. 

"We are hoping to get a fence put up as soon as possible, to get away from the neighbors. This has been a nightmare," Wilson said. 

According to the prosecutor's office, no charges were filed against the child, but based on what the letter says, there could be if his neighbor files another complaint.