Akron store clerk assaulted with urine by woman who calls herself 'El Chappo'

Posted at 10:56 PM, May 05, 2017

A store clerk in Akron said a woman she kicked out for shoplifting returned with some disgusting revenge. Now she’s hoping surveillance video will catch the woman accused of dousing her in urine.

The clerk, who didn’t want her name published, said it happened April 11 at The Odd Corner tobacco and novelty store on Exchange Street.

“We called the police, soaked in urine through my hoodie, my hair was soaked,” she said, "It was in my eye, all over my face, it was disgusting.”

She said hours after kicking out a woman for trying to steal a $10 pipe, the woman returned with a bottle of urine and threw it at her. Surveillance video shows the woman and her female accomplice walking into the store with the bottle and running out seconds later, but not before an odd exchange.

A report was filed by Akron police about the incident. 

“They said that’s what you get for F-ing with El Chappo,” the victim said. “The girl who I kicked out of the store earlier, evidently, her name is El Chappo.”

A tipster pointed out a Facebook post from an Akron woman using that same language. Until the person is caught, workers there feel like sitting ducks.

“I second guess every person that comes through the door,” Patrick Evans said.

Anyone with information should call Akron police.