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Artist receives $240,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to bring art to all 24 Akron neighborhoods

Posted at 6:57 AM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 11:35:52-04

When Mac Love got a $240,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to launch "At Play" and bring art to all 24 neighborhoods in Akron, he was ecstatic.

"We're a very civilly minded grant," said Love. "But we're trying to use creative initiative and endeavors to bring diverse people together and to encourage deeper community connections."

Love was given 18 months to finish the project, which will be all wrapped up in December. So far, he and his team have painted 30-40 murals, built sculptures, park benches and more.

He says the key to making sure murals like this stick around for the long haul is community involvement.

"We've really gotten to know Akron," said Love. "The things that are impacting people's lives, the points of pain and pride, and I think its really helping us find success as in what we are trying to do."

Love hopes now when you think of Akron, you think of art, community, and unity.

"People are incredible, fundamentally friendly and extremely hardworking, hopeful," he said.

There's still time to get involved, 'At Play' is hosting a Silent Disco Dust Up on Saturday, May 5 where residents can dance and help clean up the neighborhood.