Local track athlete saved by defibrillator

Posted at 10:52 AM, Mar 21, 2016

The quick action by a coach and athletic trainer likely saved the life of a local athlete who collapsed during track practice last week. 

The Revere High School student athlete, Caleb Perkins, was at track practice Friday afternoon when he went into full cardiac arrest, collapsing onto the track, according to Bath Township Police Chief Mike McNeely. 

A coach told the teen's teammates to get the athletic trainer and the AED (an automated external defibrillator), while he performed CPR. 

The athletic trainer arrived with the AED and shocked the boy's heart before EMS arrived, paramedics said.

Lt. George Seifert, from the Bath Township Fire Department, said paramedics then shocked the boy's heart one more time and got a pulse.

Seifert believes the actions of the coach and athletic trainer saved the teen's life.

"It was huge, huge factor in this whole outcome. Quick CPR is key in sudden cardiac events, and then the application use of the AED only enhances the chances of survival," Seifert said.

Perkins, a junior at the school, was taken to Akron Children's hospital and then transported to the Cleveland Clinic by medical helicopter.

According to McNeely, the teen was conscious as of Monday morning.

Dr. Terry Gordon, a retired cardiologist, said the rescue illustrates why he believes AED's should be mandatory at all schools.

"Every minute that goes by without them being resuscitated with a shock from an AED, their chance of survival drops by 10 percent for every minute," Dr. Gordon said.

Gordon led a successful push to get AED's in every Summit County school after a 15-year-old Barberton football player died from cardiac arrest in 2000.

"Children do have cardiac arrest and the only good treatment is an AED," he said.

Revere Local Schools provided this statement to

On Friday, March 18, we had an incident involving a student at Revere Local Schools who was in need of emergency treatment. Our staff did provide emergency services while waiting for the EMS team to arrive. Due to the fact that this involves confidential medical information, we cannot release any additional information at this time.