Facebook bullies targeting disabled Akron man

AKRON, Ohio -

An Akron man with a rare disorder said he’s been the target of cyberbullying for months because of the way he looks.

Jason Plants said it started with a post he made in a private group called “Singles meet and greet” in December. Some users replied with disparaging names, insults and even death threats.

He said other users made fake profiles with his likeness.

"Taking my picture and making it their profile or cover page,” he said. “It doesn’t feel good, but you got to be strong about it.”

Plants said he’s made numerous complaints to Facebook since December but said none of the profiles have been removed.

A Facebook spokesperson said they wouldn’t comment on individual complaints, but told News 5, “We do not allow bullying or harassment on Facebook and remove content that appears to purposefully target private individuals with the intention of degrading or shaming them.”

Plants said he’s even reached out to police, to little avail, and even his congressman.

Ohio has laws against online harassment and menacing and there are ways for police to obtain the records of social media users through court order, like a search warrant.

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