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Family, friends of man who was killed, dismembered by wife in June say they thought he moved to TX

Posted at 4:26 PM, Dec 11, 2017

Howard Eubank has been suspiciously missing since June. It wasn't until Saturday when his son found his remains inside his mother's home that anyone - except his wife - knew what really happened to him.

Howard was shot and killed by his wife, Marcia Eubank, who then dismembered his body with an electrical saw and stored the body parts in plastic containers in her house.

Woman killed and dismembered husband in June, continued to live in home with body parts

So, what were family, friends and coworkers thinking, with Howard suspiciously missing for the past six months? 

According to the Summit County sheriff, Marcia sent text messages to his son and employer from his cell phone after she killed him.

She crafted a text to his son explaining that he'd moved out of the house and was living in Texas. 

She also texted her husband's employer of more than 11 years, saying he couldn't come to work because he had to go to the hospital. She later texted again as Howard, saying that he was quitting and planning to move to Texas.

Howard was a driver at Warren Pump and Supply, and while his coworker's didn't want to go on camera, they told News 5 they were surprised by the way he quit six months ago and shocked by the crime now. 

Neighbors who hadn't seen Howard in quite some time said the same word got around about his leaving, according to longtime neighbor Bill Channell.

"When I first met him, he was a pretty good guy. We got along real good. He was here all the time," Channel said. 

Bill Channell said the two grew apart over the past few years when Eubank started drinking. 

"What they told me? He moved to Texas with his buddy because she told him to quit drinking or leave," he said. "You'd never see him without something in his hand, a drink. From what I hear, he was really hard on her, they argued all the time and fought."

As for Marcia Eubank?

"Marcia, she's just so calm. She never bothered nobody. I guess she just had enough. That's all I can figure," Channell said.

News 5 reached out to Howard Eubank's family members today for a comment, many listed as out of state, and we haven't heard back from them.