Gas scam could target Macedonia residents

Posted at 9:49 PM, Feb 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-23 19:27:55-05

A warning to think twice about before answering the next knock at the door- there's a couple impersonating gas company employees, just to get into homes, distract the people inside, and rob them. 

Police believe the duo may be targeting the elderly.

"They were dressed in uniform. Had their yellow reflective vests on," Rick Salera told News 5.

The two scammed his grandfather just this week. Salera said they showed up at his door and claimed there was a gas leak.

"So my grandfather let them in the house," he said.

Salera told us while one person took his grandfather outside to check out the line, the other went through all the rooms in the house. They stole cash and personal information.

Rick Salera said his family is in disbelief.

"Hoping you two get caught what you're doing and pay the price," he said. 

The physical description of the duo is vague, but they have Macedonia and Hudson police departments on high alert. No one has tracked them down yet, but Macedonia Police Detective Richard Lea told News 5 they're seeing more and more distraction theft cases every year. 

"Sometimes they're gas companies, sometimes they're water companies, they need to check out a tree. There's always some ruse to get you distracted," Detective Lea said. 

He added- don't be afraid to ask people who show up at your door to show their ID. 

"Pay attention to what's going on in your street. Cars that are parked outside for a long period of time with people inside of them," he added. 

A similar incident occurred in a nearby neighborhood. 

The resident described the couple as being in their mid-twenties. The female was described as possibly Hispanic and the males as an older white male wearing an orange safety vest with blue jeans.

Contact Macedonia Police Department with any information (330) 468-1234.