Goodwill employee in Rittman finds vintage revolver mixed in with donations

RITTMAN, Ohio - While sorting through incoming donations, an employee at a Goodwill in Rittman stumbled upon an unexpected object.

On Wednesday afternoon, an employee found a vintage .38-caliber revolver in a donation bin.

The revolver, which was not loaded, appears to be at least 80 years old and was found mixed in with mail and a photograph, but it's unclear if those items are related, according to police.

Not knowing if the gun was real, the employee called police. An officer took the revolver and placed it into evidence at the station.

"We're not sure if this was just an accident, they scooped it up with other property and dropped it off there, or somebody was actually trying to destroy evidence or get rid of something from a crime," said Chief Ray Arcuri.

Rittman police are researching the history of the weapon in an attempt to locate the owner.



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