Grand jury declines to indict officer in Hudson police-involved shooting

Posted at 3:45 PM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 23:48:54-04

A Summit County grand jury has declined to indict the officer involved in a December 2016 fatal shooting in Hudson.

Officer Ryan Doran shot 26-year-old Saif Nasser Mubarak Alameri five times last year after Alameri flipped his vehicle on the Ohio Turnpike. He then climbed out of his car and fled the scene before the Ohio State Highway Patrol arrived.

According to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Alameri was going about 112-116 mph before he crashed. 

Nearly one hour later, Officer Doran found Alameri in a nearby wooded area off of Hudson-Aurora Road. The city of Hudson said there was a struggle between the officer and Alameri, and he was killed.

According to dispatch audio released by police, Alameri was shot with a shotgun.

In the dash cam video, Officer Doran could be heard multiple times telling Alameri to get down.

Alameri was found in a ravine with a close-range gunshot wound to his head. He was also shot once in the face and three times in the leg. Marijuana was the only drug found in his system, according to the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office. The medical examiner ruled that the gunshot wound to the head is what killed Alameri.

According to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, this is how the officer described what happened:

Ofc. Doran reported that he chased Alameri westbound through the woods and Alameri stopped, turned around, and charged at Ofc. Doran. He said he could now see that Alameri did not have a weapon in his hands so Ofc. Doran said he holstered his pistol and moved out of Alameri’s way. Alameri continued past Ofc. Doran and then turned around and kept running away from him. Ofc. Doran reported that he transitioned to his ASP baton and again gave chase to Alameri. Ofc. Doran said he struck Alameri with the ASP baton multiple times with no effect. Ofc. Doran stated that in the middle of one of his baton backswings, Alameri turned around and knocked him to the ground. Ofc. Doran said he lost his grip on his ASP baton, spun around, and landed in the deep mud face first, chest down, with his hands underneath him. Ofc. Doran told BCI agents that Alameri laid on top of his back and delivered two blows to the back of his head with an unknown object. He stated that he felt “tugging” on his pistol that was in the holster on his duty belt. Ofc. Doran said he thought he was “dead.” He said Alameri’s left forearm and elbow was around his neck and he was choking him.

Ofc. Doran said he was able to move into a seated position with Alameri straddling him from behind while he was still holding Ofc. Doran in the choking position with his left forearm and elbow crease area. Ofc. Doran stated that he was able to draw his pistol from the holster and shot Alameri in the left leg and he did not notice any reaction from Alameri. He reported that he tried to fire his pistol over his left shoulder at Alameri but the pistol malfunctioned. He said he cleared the malfunction and shot at Alameri over his left shoulder. Ofc. Doran reported that he was able to “free” himself from Alameri at that time and “rolled” away from him. Ofc. Doran stated, "After the fact, that's kind of one of my recollections, the bit of the light bulb going off, reflecting back was you have a gun pointed at someone and he, that person charges you as a police officer with a gun pointed at you and I mean that, looking back, was just a huge flag of this is not normal behavior."

Ofc. Doran added, "Well, I was fearful for my life and I thought I was going to die twice. One, when he was on top of me and I thought he was going to shoot me. Get my weapon out and shoot me. And secondly, when I was up in that seated position, I thought I was going to be choked out and that choked out was also during that initial point when the holster's trying to move but, you know, my primary concern there was gun. But, I mean all I got to say is I thought I was going to die twice. I thought my life was over.” Ofc. Doran said he went to the hospital that evening and received follow-up medical care for his injuries.