The LeBron James Grandmother's Fan Club believes in the team

Posted at 12:12 AM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 06:19:58-04

A small but mighty group of women inside Wings 18 in Akron were glued to the television Sunday night, watching every move their hometown hero and Cavs superstar LeBron James made on the court.

"He is a genuine person, he loves Akron and he never forgot where he came from," said Delores Gilson, a member of the LeBron James Grandmother's Fan Club.

The fan club has about 200 members and started in 2006. Most of the women live in the Akron area but there are some as far away as Georgia and North Carolina. "I love what he does for the children in the community," said member Barbara Bolar.

"LeBron does such great things for the community and he is making a difference in our community," said member Peggy Holmes. 

The groovin' grannies host parties and picnics and volunteer in the community as well. They plan to get together for every playoff game and believe the Cavs can bring home another title.