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Macedonia mayor resigns after being charged in Florida for slapping lover

Posted at 5:17 PM, Jul 09, 2018

The mayor of Macedonia resigned on Monday after it became public that he was charged for allegedly slapping his lover in the face in Florida several months ago.

Joseph Migliorini wrote an open letter to the residents of Macedonia addressing the allegations. It reads, in part:

“As you may know, or will come to find out, an allegation has been made against me regarding a personal issue several weeks ago in the State of Florida. The matter is still pending, and I therefore cannot comment at length about the specifics of the situation. The United States' maintains the fundamental concept that all individuals are innocent until proven otherwise. However, I am addressing you now because I wanted to personally apologize to each and every one of you for my conduct and the embarrassment that I have brought upon Macedonia.”

Migliorini was charged by Palm Beach Garden police with one count of battery for the incident in April.

The victim made arrangements for Migliorini, who the police report refers to as her "paramour," to pick her up at a restaurant named Seasons 52 after a meeting. According to the report, the mayor called the woman to let her know he arrived at the restaurant and she came outside to let him know her meeting wasn't over.

When she turned to go back into the restaurant, Migliorini allegedly grabbed her by the hair, yanked her back, spun her around and then slapped her in the face, the report said. Migliorini also allegedly called the woman derogatory names in front of restaurant employees and patrons.

The letter sent by Migliorini Monday continues:

“While I believe that I can continue to fulfill my official duties pursuant to the Constitution and the Charter of the City of Macedonia, and would endure whatever personal pain may be required to continue to serve as Mayor, I must not act selfishly, but rather for the greater good of the City, and out of respect for my family, children and grandchildren. I cannot and will not let the allegation be a distraction from the important business of the City. Therefore, to the Council of the City of Macedonia, the City administration, its employees, and all City residents, I wish to inform you that I am resigning from the position of Mayor of the City of Macedonia, effective immediately.”

According to court records, Migliorini won't face prosecution if he completes 12 hours of anger management, pays a fine and has no further contact with the victim.

Read a complete copy of Migliorini’s resignation letter below:

Mayor Migliorini Resignation by Wews WebStaff on Scribd

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Below is a video statement from Migliorini courtesy of Nordnia Hills News: