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Norton High School Cheerleader who nearly died from an asthma attack eight months ago is making big strides

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Posted at 6:32 PM, Jun 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 18:32:51-04

NORTON, Ohio — A 17-year-old girl is surprising her family every single day after nearly dying eight months ago.

"We really could not be prouder of her, she is so determined and has such a positive attitude,” said Emma’s mom, Christina Weigand.

Emma Pfouts is getting closer to her goals.

"This has been Emma’s goal, her goal is to walk. She doesn’t like being dependent on anybody else,” said Emma’s dad, Christopher Weigand.

Her parents say recently that's just what Emma did.

"We thought she was only going to do a couple steps and she ended up just kept going and going and going,” said Christina Weigand.

"We’re talking steps too, stairs not just steps,” said Christopher Weigand.

Her latest progress comes after surgery on her feet.

With this new shot at life, Emma is ready to do it all or rather, do it all again.

"She wants to cheer, she’s asking how soon she can cheer. She's saying she wants to do her backflips like she did before,” said Christina Weigand.

"She wants to drive again,” said Christopher Weigand. "So if you see her driving make sure you let us know."

Eight months ago, Emma landed in the hospital after a nearly deadly asthma attack. Ever since, she’s been fighting to get back to her normal life.

Emma’s steps are her most recent progress, but not the only progress.

"She talking a lot,” said Emma’s mom. "She has her full personality back.”

As she continues on her path to recovery, her family says the community fundraisers, cards, and prayers aren’t letting up.

"It’s been amazing how a 17-year-old kid has affected so many people,” said Christina Weigand. "Now that she’s alert and can understand it, she’s amazed by it.”