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Queen of Heaven parishioners gift, donate handmade rosaries to community

Posted at 10:45 AM, Dec 21, 2022

GREEN, Ohio — A wave of prayer is sweeping through Summit County as Queen of Heaven Catholic Church in Green is making sure everyone is loved in faith and gives praise through handmade rosaries.

From a private faith tribute 30 years ago, to a shared blessing during war in Iraq, Maggie Brown, who first formed the group of parishioners, says making prayer rosaries is her true calling.

“I became a rosary maker 30 years ago when my daughter was two years old. I had a message from our Lord and our Lady that I was to make rosaries for the rest of my life for bless of Virgin Mary and Jesus to get them out to the world,” she said. “Our pastor said, 'Maggie do you think you can make rosaries for the military and everybody?'”

Brown says her father was a “prisoner of war,” which made the willingness to share a blessing more profound.

Each portion of these rosaries can be found in the New Testament of the Bible. As described to News 5 partner, the Akron Beacon Journal, “cords that hold rosary beads are cut to 52 inches and knotted. Next, 10 beads are strung in five sections, one bead for each "Hail Mary" prayer. Six crystals are added between each set of beads and serve to remind the holder to pray the "Our Father," or the Lord's Prayer, followed by three beads used to recite "Glory Be."

“It’s like each one of them is a rose and we place them at the feet of Jesus,” Brown said.

The parishioners have handmade more than 200,000 rosaries and have donated nearly 1,000 to Summit County students. Each rosary is free of metal and the material to make them are donated.

“We never charge for rosaries,” said Father David Durkee. “I’m a firm believer that there for the grace of god, go I. We need all the graces we can get in this world.”

Anyone wishing to receive rosaries can contact the Queen of Heaven Parish office at 330-896-2345.