Sagamore Hills neighbor stops burglary-in-progress

SAGAMORE HILLS, Ohio - A Sagamore Hills family has a new reason to appreciate their next door neighbor after he and his watchful eye helped foil a possible burglary-in-progress.

The neighbor, John Krysiak, provided a play-by-play to 911 dispatchers before local police and other law enforcement agencies were able to take the two suspects into custody. As a result, Ryan Hairston, 18, faces numerous charges, including breaking and entering. A 17-year-old male was also taken into custody, but has not been charged yet, according to Sagamore Hills Police.  

On Monday, Krysiak peered out his window when he reportedly saw Hairston and the juvenile walking around his neighbor’s home. Krysiak recognized the two suspects because he thought he saw them casing the home on Friday morning.

According to the 911 call, the two suspects walked around the property before trying to find an open window. The duo also allegedly tried to gain access to the garage.

Police responded to the home on Rehwinkle Road before Hairston and the juvenile were able to get inside. According to police, Hairston and the unnamed juvenile fled into a nearby wooded area and were captured a short time later.The homeowners, Brandi Lewis and her husband, were at work at the time.

“[Krysiak] is always available when we need him. He looks after a lot of the neighbors in the neighborhood,” Lewis said. “He’s just an all around great guy. I’m really thankful for what he did for me [Monday].”

Lewis said her family and Krysiak have always had a strong friendship. Her husband worked with Krysiak before they became neighbors. They even built a small bridge connecting the two properties in order to help make the daily visits easier.

“He definitely cares a lot about the people in the neighborhood. He’s been here for many years,” Lewis said. “Just being there to care about somebody and help somebody out like that is a very good quality to have.”

Lewis said she’s still a little shaken up by the ordeal, but she’s beyond grateful for Krysiak’s vigilance.

“I’m sure we’ll probably have him over to celebrate,” Lewis said. “Whatever he would like we would definitely be more than willing to do anything for him.”

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