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State Rep. says he was threatened after proposing gun legislation

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Posted at 4:53 PM, Jan 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-20 18:27:59-05

HUDSON, Ohio — A State Represenative says he got home from a work trip and found threatening notes in his mailbox.

"Opened it up and realized that it was page after page front and back of right wing memes, anti Democratic memes and a couple that I found particularly threatening," said State Representative Casey Weinstein.

Weinstein says most of them were pro-gun related like one that reads "On this day in 1775, the British demanded we surrender our weapons. We shot them."

"It's one thing to attack me but then to involve my personal home, where I live, where my kids are that really got me thinking, got me worried honestly," said Weinstein.

The Democrat, who represents the Hudson area, says he's sure this is all in response to House Bill 349.

It's his legislation, and if it passes there would be stricter regulations on high capacity magazines.

Gun advocates who spoke to News 5 say threatening a lawmaker is unacceptable and voting is more beneficial.

"It should remind people going forward that elections matter. You really have to look at you representatives and make sure they believe in what you believe in," said firearms instructor and second amendment advocate Rick Kaleda.

This all comes as tensions over the second amendment amp up nationwide.

A pro-gun rally in Virginia Monday reportedly attracted more than 15,000 gun activists armed with assault rifles and tactical gear after the now Democratic-led state legislature proposed red flag gun control laws.

Here in Ohio, Republican Governor Mike DeWine says passing the "Strong Ohio" bill, which proposes several gun control measures, is one of his top priorities for 2020.

Weinstein says he's getting momentum from all of this and he's not backing down.

"All this does is double down my resolve to get behind this legislation and not stop pushing until we get gun reform in Ohio," he said.