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Residents get into heated discussion about bringing a sober living home to a Twinsburg neighborhood

Posted at 6:48 AM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 06:50:10-04

There was standing room only during a heated meeting at Twinsburg city hall Thursday night. The debate was all about a home along Edgewood Drive in Twinsburg where Terry Heer wants to put a sober home for folks in recovery. 


A sober living home is proposed to be at this house on Edgewood Drive in Twinsburg.


"I do feel confident that it’s safe, I wouldn’t put this in Twinsburg if I didn’t think it was safe," said Heer, who runs the Akron Center for Recovery. 


For over an hour she took questions from folks about her non-profit organization, but it fell on some deaf ears. 

"There’s definitely a concern for personal property and there's a real concern for property values, the biggest investment almost any one of us has," said resident Gary Mangan.

Mangan says a home like this belongs elsewhere.

"I think the best neighborhood for it would be probably a neighborhood that has more of a mixed-use to it, that has some office facilities, some medical facilities some residential facilities," he said. 

While resident Mark Curtis says he hasn’t quite made up his mind yet on whether the sober home is a good fit for Twinsburg. 


"For the purpose of why I came to the meeting, is to get information and learn and educate myself I feel like I got as much information necessary," said Curtis.