University of Akron students give back in honor of slain classmates

Posted at 11:47 PM, Apr 26, 2017

Some University of Akron students are feeding the hungry in honor of two students who were killed.

Volunteers gathered at the student union on Wednesday and packed about 50,000 meals for people in need around the world.

It’s in memory of Zak Husein and Duncan Unternaher. Husein was shot and killed during an armed robbery at his brother’s pizza shop in December, 2015. The homicide remains unsolved.

Police said Unternaher was stabbed by his roommatein December, 2016.

“We are here to honor them,” Kristin Genetin said, “We are actually honoring all people from University of Akron who have passed within the last several years and we plan to get this on the university's calendar to have this going on for many years to come.”

Students partnered with the charity “Rise Against Hunger” to make it happen.