Accused murderer had just bonded out of jail

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 20:36:48-05

A Wayne County man who confessed to shooting and killing his wife on Thursday was released on bond just two weeks before the murder.

LaReece Woods is being held on a $1 million bond after he said he murdered Emily Young on Thursday in Orrville, all while the couple's infant twins were nearby.

Just two weeks prior to that killing, has learned, Woods bonded out of jail in Wayne County on unrelated felony sexual battery and misdemeanor sexual imposition charges. A prosecutor asked the judge to set his bail at $5,000. Woods was required to pay 10 percent of that amount, or $500, in order to be set free.

Woods' accuser tells she went to police after she said he attended a party at her house last June and raped her while she slept in her own bed.

"If someone's sleeping, they don't give consent. No matter what position their body's in when they fall asleep, it doesn't mean you can just help yourself," the woman said.

Her case went to a grand jury, which returned an indictment against Woods. Months after the attack, the accuser said she got a text message from Woods' estranged wife Emily, warning her about her violent husband.

"She told me who she was and asked me if I lived alone and if I had a gun — and yes I do live alone and no I don't have a firearm — and she asked if he knew where I lived and I said yes, he had been to my house for the party — and she said then you cannot stay at your house. It is not safe for you there," the woman said.

Court records in Medina County show Woods pleaded no contest last fall to one count of criminal damaging or endangering and one count of threatening domestic violence.

His wife also had a protection order against him for the kids and herself.

Wayne County Prosecutor Dan Lutz told the criminal history in Medina County was not a factor in their bond decision, saying, in part, "Although he apparently also had a civil protection order against him out of Medina County, it did not involve the alleged victim of Woods' pending Sexual Battery case.

"The bond amount recommended and ordered was neither unreasonable nor unusual for similar cases."

Read the entire statement here.

"I know they do their jobs and they attempt to do them well, but I just wish they were a little more thorough," Woods' accuser said.

Emily Young's murder was just two weeks after being released.

"To think, I mean she had three kids to take care of, that depended on her, that needed her," she said, "You know - and she's gone."


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