Man enters an Amish home claiming he is Jesus, sprays fire extinguisher as 'smoke from hell'

Posted at 5:30 PM, May 04, 2017

A husband and wife experienced an out of the ordinary home invasion Wednesday night. 

The alleged intruder, Tyler Robert Davis Lewis, 22, entered the Amish couple's house saying he was Jesus. Once he got inside, he sprayed a fire extinguisher, calling it "smoke from hell," according to a Wayne County Sheriff's Office news release.  

The husband laid on a rug near his bed and started to pray for Lewis. After getting dressed, he ushered Lewis out of the house and put the fire extinguisher outside.

Lewis came back and took it.

An officer from Wayne County Sheriff's Department arrived on scene and noticed there was discharge from the fire extinguisher and saw a footprint on the ground. 

That triggered a recent memory.

Just before midnight on Wednesday, officers spotted a golf cart driving westbound on East Lincoln Way without any headlights.

Officers stopped the cart, and the driver exited the vehicle and came towards the officer carrying a fire extinguisher. When the officers tried to identify the driver, he stated he was going to kill law enforcement and kept making vulgar comments to the officers.

He also told officers that he had AIDS and was gay. When officers asked him where he lived, he said, "Hell."

Police handcuffed and took him into custody. After repeatedly telling the deputies that he was going to kill them, he was placed on a cot and transported to EMS for a mental evaluation.

Officers received a called from an employee of Southwood Lumber and Pallet saying the stolen golf cart, along with the fire extinguisher, belonged to him.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office told News 5 that "there's no doubt" the home intruder and the golf cart driver are the same suspect.