Narcan, pet tranquilizers, thousands of pills stolen from Wayne Co. animal clinic

Posted at 1:34 PM, Jul 27, 2016

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department is looking for the person responsible for breaking into an animal clinic and stealing thousands of high-powered pain pills.

Someone broke into Country Corners Animal Clinic on Kidron Road in Kidron Monday night or Tuesday morning.

When one of the workers showed up on Tuesday, she noticed that some items had been moved and others were missing.

According to Capt. Doug Hunter of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, 2,400 Tramadol pills and nearly 1,400 Phenobarbital pills were taken.

Liquid Ketamine and liquid Fentanyl also went missing.

Along with the drugs, the opiate antidote narcan was stolen. 

The sheriff's office has no suspects at this time. There was no camera inside the animal clinic at the time of the break in.

“It’s a concern because there’s a large amount of high powered animal medication that is now on the street and could be used for human consumption," said Capt. Hunter.