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Residents who live near the Nexus Pipeline in Doylestown say sewage is coming into their yards

Posted: 7:14 AM, Feb 08, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-08 12:14:23Z
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DOYLESTOWN, Ohio — Residents who live near the Nexus Pipeline are complaining about ongoing flooding that has turned their yards into streams. Water has been flooding their yards for months and now they think raw sewage is now mixing in.

It's affecting a handful of folks in Doylestown who live close to the Nexus Pipeline. They've dealt with the flooding since last year, but Thursday was the first time they smelled sewage.

"We've put so much time, so much money, so much effort into reconstructing this backyard and to just have it washed away overnight and then reminded overtime that we look out our back door when it rains that it's still there, it's still being destroyed, it's still being washed away--it hurts," said homeowner Michael Gibson.

Even a consultant who works with the homeowners checks out the situation and he also suspects there's sewage on their lawns.

"Right now this is all storm water that we know of, but due to the smell and the stink it could be, these are all septic systems out here it could be overflowed and it could be damaged specific systems where that's where the stink and smell comes from," said Nate Laps of Central Land Consulting.

The homeowners have filed more than a dozen lawsuits for the damages. News 5 was told by Nexus awhile back "restorations remain ongoing."