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Rittman woman's home ransacked after burglar tampers with meter, cuts electricity

Posted at 4:59 PM, Nov 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 16:59:50-05

Rittman police are trying to track down a brazen burglar who pulled an electric meter off a home and then ransacked it.

The burglary on Sunset Drive was discovered by the homeowner, Susan Graber, after she returned home from work around 1:45 a.m. on Nov. 15.

"It's quite scary because I live by myself and everything and it's kind of frightening. It's disgusting too," Graber said.

Graber said the first hint of trouble was when she realized her motion light in the back of her home wasn't working.

"Which I thought was kind of weird, but I thought maybe it burned out," Graber said.

However, she discovered all of the lights in the home were out even though her breakers were on.

A short time later, she found her front door shattered, several rooms ransacked and money and jewelry stolen.

"They took every piece of jewelry I own and they just trashed my closets," she said.

Rittman Police Chief Ray Arcuri found it very unusual and alarming that the crook cut the electricity to the home and tossed the meter on the ground.

"It's extremely risky. Either they are familiar with electric, because they weren't laying there electrocuted, or they just took a huge risk and got away with it," Arcuri said.

The crime is also creepy to Graber because she assumes someone was watching her and was familiar with her routine. Her feeling is the intruder was probably fueled by a drug habit.

"I think this heroin, it's going to a whole new level."

Police believe Graber was the victim of random, frightening break-in and officers do not have any suspects.

"We definitely are looking for any tips on the burglary. We want to get them caught," Arcuri said.

Graber was told cops are planning to do more patrols around her neighborhood and she has become extra aware of her surroundings.

In the meantime, she has a message for the thief still on the loose.

"Go get a job. There's plenty of jobs out there."

Anyone with information on the burglary is asked to call the Rittman Police Department at 330-925-8040.