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Wooster Walmart customers help employees catch deer on the loose inside store

Wooster Walmart Deer.jpg
Posted at 4:42 PM, Nov 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-14 18:55:33-05

WOOSTER, Ohio — It's not everyday that someone gets to say they went to a store and helped catch a deer running loose, but that's exactly what happened Wednesday for patrons of the Walmart in Wooster.

It's not clear what prompted the deer to come inside store, but once there, it ran amok and startled patrons, according to The Daily Record.

One shopper recorded the incident on camera. You can watch it in the player below:

The frantic animal smashed shelves as it went up and down the isles before being confronted by employees and shoppers.

Luckily, they were able to corral the deer and guide it out the store's back door.