Sheriff: Girl threatened dad w/ fork over chores

Posted at 1:45 PM, Sep 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-28 13:45:17-04

A teen was arrested for domestic violence after authorities say she threatened her father with a fork when he told her to do the dishes.

According to Ottawa County Sheriff's Office records, deputies were called to a home on Short Street in Clay Township for a report of a girl stabbed in the head.

When officers arrived, they talked to the teen's father, who said that there was an altercation when he told his daughter to do the dishes.

According to the father, the girl refused to clean the dishes and became argumentative when he approached her, hitting him in the chest. He said she also threw an ice cream scoop at him and came at him with a fork. When he tried to get the fork away from her it struck her in the ear, he said.

Authorities talked to the teen's brother, who said his sister was not doing what she was told and tried to stab their dad with a fork. He said his sister threw his book bag and a foot stool at their father.

The teen had a different story. She told police that she was doing the dishes when her dad started yelling at her. She said a fork hit her ear when her dad tried to take it away from her. She also said her arm was injured during the altercation.

Deputies called an ambulance and the girl was taken to St. Charles Hospital for treatment. She was transported to the Sandusky County Juvenile Detention Center on domestic violence charges after being released from the hospital.