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Black bear spotted in Pepper Pike by landscapers

Posted at 12:03 PM, May 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 12:08:12-04

Pepper Pike Police responded Thursday morning to a home on Bremerton for a bear sighting. Landscapers in the area spotted a small black bear, which they say noticed them and ran off into the woods. The photo above is a stock image used to illustrate the story, not the actual bear that was spotted. 

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Pepper Pike Police offer the following guidance:

There has been an increase in bear sightings in the surrounding areas and we would like to remind everyone what to do to bear-proof your backyard. All of these recommendations are from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources:

  • Remove bird feeders - including hummingbird and suet feeders.
  • Store your garbage cans in a garage or secure container.
  • Keep pet foods inside, especially at night.
  • Clean out your grill's grease traps after each use and store the grill in a garage or shed
  • Place electric fencing around beehives.
  • Pick fruit from berry bushes as soon as possible

If you happen to encounter a bear, follow these simple steps:

  • Act calm and do not run.
  • Warn the bear that you are near; talk in a firm, calm voice.
  • Allow space between you and the bear. Step aside and back slowly away. Do not make the bear feel trapped or threatened.o Raise your hands above your head to appear larger if the bear approaches. Clap your hands or shout to scare the bear away.
  • Exit the area.