Ohio toddler dies after alleged beating

Posted at 5:08 AM, Dec 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 05:08:23-05

A girl allegedly beaten by her mother's boyfriend died Thursday evening at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Kinsley Kinner, 2, was not breathing when she was taken to the hospital Wednesday morning. Scott Senft, who identified himself as Kinsley's father, said she'd been on life support and met criteria to be declared brain dead in the state of Ohio.

"I'd give any amount of money -- I'd give myself, I'd give anything they wanted -- to have my daughter come through for one time, 'cause my favorite thing she ever did was say, 'I love you daddy,' that was simple -- 'I love you, Dada,' 'Dada, this,' 'Dada that' -- that was my world, absolutely my world," he said.

Bradley Young, 26, was charged Wednesday with felonious assault. Rebecca Ashton Kinner, 23, -- the girl's mother -- was later charged with permitting child abuse, according to Middletown court records. Both were booked into the Butler County Jail on Wednesday -- Young in the afternoon and Kinner a few hours later.


Our department is heartbroken over the death of little Kinsley Kinner from Madison Township tonight. There are no words...

Posted by Middletown Division of Police on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sheriff’s investigators said they believe Young beat the girl. Deputies said more charges could be filed.

“I am beside myself,” Sheriff Richard Jones said. “I have met some truly, sick people in my career, people who have done terrible things and this, I can’t even begin to grasp. I am going to work closely with the Butler County Prosecutors Office to seek the highest punishment possible for the people who did this.”

Rescue crews were called to a home in the 3400 block of Radabaugh Road at about 6 a.m. Wednesday for an infant that was unconscious.

Investigators were called in after doctors determined that the child’s injuries were “consistent with child abuse." Officials said scans showed bleeding in the girl’s brain.

Police said Kinner told investigators that Young shook and punched the girl in the head multiple times.

(Warning: Some readers may find this 911 call upsetting or disturbing.)

In a 911 call released to's Cincinnati sister station WCPO, Kinner can be heard telling dispatchers that her daughter was “coming in and out of consciousness and not breathing.”

At the start of the call, Kinner told dispatchers that the girl “woke up screaming” twice and then wouldn’t wake up.

Young can be heard in the background screaming for emergency crews to hurry up, as the girl wasn’t breathing. Meanwhile, the dispatcher tried to walk the pair through administering CPR to the girl.

Eventually, Kinner tells the dispatcher that the girl’s heartbeat was present but slow. The dispatcher continued to press the pair to continue CPR.

The dispatcher had Young administer mouth to mouth and walked him through how to do chest compressions. Young counted off the compressions back to the dispatcher during the call.

By the end of the call, rescue crews arrived and started to administer aid as well.

Senft spoke out on Facebook overnight to express his grief over the situation and his anger at the pair. He said he hopes Young and Kinner “get what they deserve.”

"I got a lot of anger built up right now," he said Thursday night. "I'm a very calm person anymore, and that built up a lot of anger. I’ll probably carry it with me for a while."

Both Young and Kinner were scheduled to appear in court Friday for an arraignment.