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Parma police using 'bait packages' to crack down on package theft

Posted at 6:13 PM, Dec 21, 2021

PARMA, Ohio — Just in time for the holidays, Parma police are hoping a new program cuts down on thieves targeting your packages.

It's called Project STOP, which stands for Stop Theft of Packages.

It involves police partnering with homeowners to leave "bait packages" on their porches.

Inside the unassuming brown boxes is technology that alerts police when the box moves.

It also provides real-time updates on the box's location using GPS and can record audio and video of the thief to help with a prosecution.

Investigators said already this year they've received reports of nearly 40 packages stolen from Parma residents.

Police said it's a crime that affects all parts of the city.

Now, they're hoping the technology will not only help them catch the crooks, but also make would-be thieves think twice before helping themselves to your delivery.

"We've been making it very clear, we're watching," said Parma Police Sgt. David D'Eusanio. "Don't come to Parma and do this. If you do, we're coming."

The city paid less than $4,000 for two sets of the bait packages with tracking technology.

Police said that money came from fines and forfeiture funds.