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Radon testing not mandatory in OH, despite tens of thousands who die from radon exposure every year

Posted at 10:45 PM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-23 23:20:26-05

The U.S. EPA reports more than 20,000 people die from lung cancer due to radon gas over-exposure in the U.S. every year. But despite this statistic, Ohio still doesn't require radon testing at homes and public buildings.

Bert Mechenbier, Environmental Health Supervisor with the Lake County General Heath District, said he believes mandatory radon testing would be a good idea.

"It should be required to protect any potential homeowners, home purchasers, so they know what they are getting," said Mechenbier. "If there is a radon issue, it can be dealt with at the point of sale. Just so you can lower the exposure to the people of the state."

Anthony Russo, President of Northern Ohio Inspections, agrees radon testing should be required, especially at schools.

Russo said radon kills 20 to 30 times more people is the U.S. than accidental carbon monoxide poisonings every year.

"People don't realize how paramount of an issue this is," said Russo. "I believe that Ohio should have mandatory testing, especially for the children, who are in schools."

The Ohio Department of Health said it requires licensing for inspectors conducting radon tests, but didn't say if or when it would require testing across the state.

The Ohio Department of Health stressed the importance of using a licensed radon inspector, and referred homeowners to the many radon resources on its website.

Currently, only eights states in the U.S. have made radon testing mandatory.