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CLE vacant condemned home sits idle 11 years

Residents report city was contacted several times
Posted at 10:23 PM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 22:23:46-04

Cleveland residents living along East 61 Street in Cleveland are tired of dealing with what they call a vacant hazardous home in their neighborhood.

It's a home Cleveland Councilman Tony Brancatelli admits has been sitting vacant since 2006.

Scharo Greer told News 5 she and her three children have been living next to the condemned home for the past seven years.

Greer said she's contacted city hall numerous times about the home, but claims the city has given her nothing but excuses as to when it will finally be torn down.

"This one, it seems like they keep passing it by, and I don't know the reason why," said Greer.

"Raccoons, all kind of animals are stuck in this house, and it's running up into my house."

"We have three schools around here, at each corner.  It's like, it's for the kids safety, point blank."

Brancatelli said he's submitted the home for demolition to the administration multiple time, but so far has had no luck.

Brancatelli said part of the delays were caused by sudden demolition funding cuts by Cuyahoga County.

"I sympathize with the residents," said Brancatelli.

"Recently the county withdrew $17 million dollars, from their $50 million dollar commitment.  This was one of the properties that was in the cue for one of the next rounds of demolitions, and we had to pull it back."

The Cleveland Mayor's office told News 5 the city has taken down 9,200 blighted structures citywide, at a cost of $70 million dollars, since 2006.

It responded quickly to our story, reporting it will soon put the home on East 61 Street on the demolition list in the coming weeks, thanks to $8 million dollars in additional demolition funding, as part of the Mayor's Safe Routes to School program.

Meanwhile for Greer, the hazardous home can't come down soon enough.

"It's not good, it's not, it's not," said Greer.  

"Just knock it down, that's all we're asking."