Robberies at local Family Dollar locations have shoppers concerned

Posted at 9:59 PM, Dec 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 21:15:47-05

Some Cleveland shoppers are concerned about a series of crimes at northeast Ohio Family Dollar locations over the past few months.

Cleveland Police reported the latest incident at the Family Dollar at 1250 E. 105 Street on Dec. 24, after a 19 year old was shot multiple times in the chest and arm.

Akron Police reported two armed robberies at locations on E. Tallmadge Avenue and Copley Road on Dec. 14 and Dec. 19, the incidents caught on surveillance camera.

Lakisha Howard shops at the E. 105 location daily and said she was stunned to learn about the shooting at her favorite store.

"Yes that is sad, that's heartbreaking, that's really disappointing," said Howard.

"They just need more security, and everyone should make sure that they tell their loved ones that they love them before they leave, because you never know what could happen."

East Cleveland Councilman Nathaniel Martin lives across the street from the Family Dollar location at the corner of Euclid and Shaw Avenue.

Martin said he's witnessed police called to that location a dozen times in just the past 6 months, and has even ran over to help with the situation.

Martin says he will ask Family Dollar to hire off-duty city police officers to help improve security.

"I talked with the lady, the clerk and she said Mr. Martin I'm going to quit because I can't put up with this," said Martin.

"The East Cleveland police officers have back-up, they have better communication devices.  If something happens, they can get two or three police cars out here in two or three minutes.  A security guard does not have the back-up, that's the difference."

The Family Dollar at Pearl and Broadview Road was victimized by a smash and grab robbery in October.

Meanwhile Cleveland police said the 19 year old shooting victim had to be transported to University Hospitals, the case remains under investigation.

News 5 made attempts to reach Family Dollar headquarters in Charolotte North Carolina and it issued the following statement on Dec 28:

"We strive to create a safe work and shopping environment by tailoring ourstore operations and security for each store. We are continually evaluatingand enhancing the on-premise security and surveillance systems in ourstores, as well as our employee training. To ensure the integrity of oursecurity systems and procedures, we do not release specific details aboutthese measures."