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Sagamore Hills family fights for home warranty coverage

Posted at 10:47 AM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 17:23:32-04

Kari and Aaron Hall thought they were covered by the home warranty on their new Sagamore Hills house, but weeks later they're still waiting for their claim to be processed.

Kari Hall told News 5 the hot water tank at her house let go just five days after she moved in, and now with no hot water and two young children, Hall and her family have been forced to move back in with her parents.

"Boiling water on the stove, carrying it upstairs to the tub, boiling water so we could wash all their bottle parts and stuff," said Hall.

"We thought by now our home warranty would have gotten us a hot water tank replacement."

Aaron Hall said he has made multiple calls to HMS Home Warranty about coverage, but he said after more than two weeks, he's been left with more questions than answers.

"We've been calling daily, sometimes multiple times a day," said Aaron Hall.

"A couple of times we were put on hold for 5 minutes, and then they would come back and say there's no supervisor here to answer your questions."

"It's just very difficult to get clarification.  Just when is the end coming?"

Cleveland Better Business Bureau President Sue McConnell told News 5 not all home warranty companies are created equal.

McConnell said it's critical homeowners read home warranty contracts carefully, read company reviews and check for references before they sign-up.

"Home warranties can be tricky," said McConnell.

"What does it cover, what does it not cover?  What expenses are you going to incur?"  

"Are you going to have service call expenses?  How much is this going to cost you?  What are the exclusions?"

News 5 called, and sent a detailed email to HMS Home Warranty headquarters in Florida, looking for an update on the Hall's warranty claim, and to obtain a statement on the company policy when it comes to timely fulfillment of claims for major home systems.

So far News 5 is still waiting for response.

Meanwhile, Kari Hall pointed to dozens of negative reviews on the company posted on multiple review websites.

"It's ridiculous that they're able to be in business with this many negative reviews," said Hall.

"It's really not fair to people who pay hundreds for coverage."