Sharon Township residents demand dangerous intersection be given safety improvements

Mulltiple injuries after two trucks collide
Posted at 11:10 PM, Jan 11, 2017

Residents living near the intersection of Fixler and Boneta roads in Sharon Township are demanding safety improvements, after yet another serious accident at that location.

The Ohio Highway Patrol reported the accident involved two trucks, one truck hauling a trailer of construction supplies, the other truck filled with a group of teenagers.

Both trucks ended up in the front yard of Pastor Dale Turner, who told News 5 he has witnessed four to five accidents at the intersection every year.

Pastor Turner said one truck had four teenage girls inside; the girls had to be cut from the wreckage by emergency crews.

"This is one of the worst we've seen, four young girls were in a car and they were hurt pretty badly," said Turner.

"Almost every accident happens when someone is coming south on Boneta Road and they go through the stop sign, and someone then broadsides them going west, and they end up in our front yard every time."

Turner said the warning signs installed by the state simply aren't enough to stop the accidents.

Turner is calling on Sharon Township Trustees to help him get the intersection turned into a four-way stop with flashing lights.

Turner said he also plans on writing a letter to Ohio Governor John Kasich to see if he can get some safety improvements at that intersection.

The Ohio Highway Patrol told News 5 it didn't appear any of the injuries from the crash were life threatening, but Pastor Turner said he's still praying for the best.

"Well I prayed with some of the girls in the accident," said Turner.

"I prayed that God would strengthen them, and help them and keep them alive.  I pray that this corner will become a safe corner."