Video: South Euclid Police K-9 helps diffuse tense stand-off during traffic stop

Traffic stop stand-off caught on police body cam
Posted at 10:09 PM, Aug 02, 2016

South Euclid Police suddenly found themselves in potentially dangerous stand-off with a suspect during a traffic stop on Warrensville Center Road.

Police report they attempted to pull-over 29 year old Landon Guilford on July 30, after he allegedly ran a red light, was driving while intoxicated and was driving under suspension.

Officers at the scene said Guilford was not cooperating, repeatedly refusing to show his hands, or exit his vehicle, that's when police deployed their police dog.

The incident was captured on police body camera and clearly shows how "Oktane," a police K-9, was used to subdue Guilford without incident.

South Euclid Public Information Officer Joe Di Lillo told the department has been relying on three police dogs since April 2013 for a wide variety cases.

"Oktane and Officer Dustin Smoot were key and getting the subject out of the car, safely secured in handcuffs," said Di Lillo.

"I can't tell you how many times a year these dogs are used. Whether it be to help subdue a subject, to scan a car for narcotics.  We've chased wanted burglary suspects."

Guilford was arrested without incident, and sustained a minor dog bite to his leg.

"Very few traffic stops, and officers make hundreds of them everyday, require the use of a K-9 or a taser and non-lethal force," added Di Lillo.

"Just follow the instructions, be cooperative and everything is going to be just fine."