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Voters in Willoughby-Eastlake school district reject levy again

Some cuts will begin soon
Posted at 6:09 PM, Nov 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-06 19:16:22-05

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio — Voters in the Willoughby-Eastlake school district rejected a school levy for the second time in three months.

It would have generated almost $8.5 million in funding for operating costs and to make up cuts in state funding.

“I think it’s going to hurt the kids,” said Ashley Eckhart, who has a child in the district.

Since voters said no to the levy, the district said cuts will be coming.

According to information distributed before the election, the district said cuts would begin as soon as Thursday.

Among the cuts, middle school and freshman athletics, band and field trips, and reduction in classroom supplies.

"My house was built in 1958, who's going to buy my house? It's going to be a first-time home buyer. What are they going to look for, what's your school district like? That's why I voted for the levy and I think people made a hell of a mistake, " said Rich Sobochan, a grandfather of two students in the district.

The district would not talk on camera but said, in part in an email, they will be working to develop a plan of action and to clearly define how the present cuts will impact their students and community.

The levy would have cost the owner of a $100,000 dollar home $174.65 per year.