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Water line leak plagues Cleveland Heights neighborhood for a week, turning a street into a spring

Posted at 11:25 PM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 10:27:37-04

Residents living in a Cleveland Heights neighborhood are wondering why they can't get the Cleveland Division of Water to repair a water line leak that's be plaguing their street for a week.

Homeowner Mitchell Watley contacted News 5, after a he says a contracting crew, hired by the Cleveland water department, broke a main shut-off valve in front on his home on April 26.

The valve break has left his neighborhood with an unwanted water spring pouring into his street, initially cutting water service, and then leaving his tenant with bad water pressure at the house.

Watley said the the line break occurred while contractors were attempting to install new digital water meters under the Clear Reads program. 

"The water department told me we can't fix it because we didn't break it, and Clear Reads said we'll do it tomorrow between 1 and 5 PM and they didn't," said Watley.  

"I called back, and then I get no answer."

Resident Nelly Velasco said the broken water valve has made it very difficult for her to take care of her family.

"I get no warning, no nothing, it's just a note on the door," said Velasco.

"I go in the house, there is no water."

"Now the water pressure is really, really slow.  It's very difficult to take a bath or shower, you know, to cook."

Watley said other neighbors on his street have also complained about low water pressure, but he said multiple calls to the water department have produced no results.

News 5 took this case to Cleveland water headquarters, and it responded quickly.

The utility said it's working with its subcontractor, Utilicon Corporation, to see what went wrong and how quickly repairs can be made.

Meanwhile Watley said he can only hope repairs will be made soon.

"I don't think that they have a platform to remedy a situation when something goes wrong," said Watley.

"They want to come in, change it, and be gone."