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Cleveland expands speed table program to enhance road safety

Posted at 5:46 AM, Jun 12, 2024

CLEVELAND — The City of Cleveland is accelerating its efforts to enhance road safety by expanding its speed table program.

This summer, the city will install 100 asphalt speed tables across various neighborhoods to reduce speeding and improve safety on local streets.

The initiative builds on the success of a pilot program launched in 2022, which saw the installation of 14 speed tables in 10 locations.

Cleveland says speed tables are working to slow traffic

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The pilot program successfully reduced speeds by an average of eight miles per hour in the targeted areas.

Mayor Justin Bibb recently announced the expansion, stating that the new installations aim to address safety concerns on Cleveland's streets.

The city is prioritizing locations with high traffic volumes—ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 vehicles per day—documented speeding issues, crash histories, and proximity to schools, parks, and pedestrian areas.

"Research shows that the speed at which a crash occurs significantly impacts the severity of the crash. Even a few miles per hour can make a big difference," Calley Mersmann, Senior Strategist of Transit and Bibiliyt for the City of Cleveland, said.

Chad Jones, a resident of West 50th Street, expressed his support for the initiative. "As someone who has lived here for 10 years, I'd say people definitely drive faster than the speed limit. The narrow streets and parked cars reduce visibility, so I'm really excited about this program."

The pilot study found asphalt speed tables to be as effective as rubber ones but more cost-efficient.

The city plans to continue monitoring speeds across Cleveland and adjust the program as needed.

Residents who wish to have speed tables installed in their neighborhoods can fill out a request form on the city's website by clicking HERE.

These requests will be considered when selecting new locations for speed tables.

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