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Who is Jenny B and why does she think you're pregnant?

Posted at 5:56 PM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-25 10:59:54-04

CLEVELAND — Women across the country, including at least one here in Northeast Ohio, are receiving cards from a "Jenny B" congratulating them on their pregnancy, packed with gift cards to various motherhood related websites.

Here's the weird part: many of the women aren't pregnant, and it seems that none of them know this "Jenny B" from Utah.

Stow woman Jane Dulaney thought her sister from San Diego may have sent her a belated birthday card, but instead, was shocked to see a card that read "Holy guacamole! You're going to avo baby!"

"It included several seemingly hand-clipped coupons and four things that were supposed gift cards with a receipt that said they were a total of $250," Dulaney said.

"My search history has not reflected any kind of possibility that I could be pregnant or even at that phase of my life at all, which is probably the oddest part," Dulaney said.

Kathleen McWilliams from Rhode Island said she received the same card in the mail Thursday night.

She said at first she thought it was a birthday card since her birthday is in two weeks, but was confused when she opened the card.

"I tried to think about if I knew anyone named Jenny B and why anyone I knew would think I am pregnant (as I am most definitely not). I figured someone had somehow accidentally sent them to the wrong person and figured I should try to contact them and let them know the intended recipient didn’t get the card," McWilliams said.

Dulaney and McWilliams aren't the only women that have received this card.

Multiple women have gone to Twitter to seek out who "Jenny B" is and why is she sending them a card in a pink envelope with no return address. In some cases, the cards went to the parents of women who were not pregnant, no doubt prompting some unexpected conversations.

All of the coupons and gift cards link back to a company called Mother's Lounge LLC.

"It feels (obviously) fraudulent but the fact that someone has the address of my mom’s house and sent those is unsettling to say the least," Dulaney said.

The About Us section of the Mother's Lounge website includes a biography for the apparent founder of the company, Jenny Boscoe.

News 5 reached out to Mother's Lounge LLC to see if they were responsible for sending out the cards but have yet to hear back.

According to the Better Business Bureau's website, the company has an "F" rating.

The Better Business Bureau of Cleveland told News 5 it's the first time they are hearing about this.

The complaints are filed by people in Massillon, Bellefontaine and Cambridge. There have been no complaints filed by people in the Cleveland area.

Mother's Lounge LLC is a company based in Utah.