Lordstown students write letters to GM to keep plant open

Posted at 5:13 PM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2019-03-06 12:34:27-05

Instead of writing Christmas lists, kids in Lordstown are writing to General Motors, asking them to keep their doors open. 

The district launched a letter campaign, with the goal of sending close to one thousand letters from students, staff and community members by the end of the week. 

More than 2,500 jobs have been eliminated at the plant over the last two years, cutting it down to one working shift. Now, with the remaining 1,400 jobs in jeopardy, the Lordstown School District has been working with the UAW to come up with a way to support workers. 

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"Lordstown doesn't have much, but they have GM, and they depend on it," said student Jimmy Moyers. 

His father works at the plant, and now the family might be forced to uproot if he can't find work elsewhere. 

Teacher Alyssa Brookbank said the kids are impacted just as much as their parents, and they often go unheard during hard times. 

"The hope is that someone will change their mind, so they can see who this is affecting," she said. 

After reading some of the student's letters, she is confident they will leave an impression. 

"Kids are worried about if they are going to have a Christmas this year. Are we going to be able to take a family vacation? To kids, that means the world. Seeing this in the eyes of a child gives a whole different perspective," Brookbak said. 

For the little ones in Kindergarten through second grade, they crafted a banner with their hand prints. 

The local UAW will hand deliver the letters after they are all collected. 

Anyone is invited to write a letter. Just drop it off at the elementary or high school by Thursday, December 13.