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9-year-old boy creates doll that looks like him

Posted at 6:06 AM, Dec 08, 2021

TWINSBURG, Ohio — Representation matters and it matters, no matter your age.

Demetrius Davis wanted to see plush toys that look like him, but this 9-year old Twinsburg boy couldn’t find any.

“I just wanted a doll creation of me," Demetrius said.

Demetrius teamed up with his mother and made their own.

What started as a dream, is now a business.

“Our Brown Boy Joy” makes dolls that look like Demetrius and his friends, from the hoodies to the boots. 

“We really want society and the world to know that our boys are joy,” said Luciana Gilmore, Demetrius’ mother. “They aren’t mean, they aren’t bad, they are joy. We love our boys, and we want to send that message to everyone.”    

This message of inclusion is all about promoting self-esteem and growing the business even bigger. Almost 10,000 dolls have been sold.

You can check them out for yourself here.