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Benny, the ice-skating Labrador, is a social media star after being rescued from a shelter

Posted at 11:30 AM, Nov 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-08 17:24:27-05

PARMA, Ohio — Benny is an old Lab that no one at the shelter wanted, until a Parma woman took him home and taught this old dog some amazing new tricks.

It all started simply enough.

"A friend of mine is a photographer - and he asked if I could make a video for the Vegas Golden Knights two years ago,” said Benny’s owner, Cheryl DelSangro.

That video quickly grew Benny into a social media star.

"I started thinking, 'I think I can teach him to actually ice skate,’" DelSangro said.

Benny the Ice-Skating Labrador is a six-year-old rescue with a new lease on life.

"He's like the perfect dog,” DelSangro said. “I can't believe he ended up in the dog pound for six months. He only had two days to go- before they were going to euthanize him."

DelSangro came to his rescue.

A professional skater herself, DelSangro fashioned up some skates after that first video went viral, and Benny has been off and skating ever since.

"It's just the best,” she said. “It's like my two passions coming together."

Now DelSangro and Benny are taking their act on the road, offering public skating sessions with the proceeds going to various charities.

"People laugh, they smile,” DelSangro said. “It just makes you feel good, I had one parent tell me after she skated with him, she came up to me and said her son had never touched an animal — not even a dog.”

DelSangro is hoping Benny will make a big appearance in Las Vegas soon. Stay tuned to News 5 – we may have some news to break there.