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Family takes on snow with shovels to help neighbors

Snow in Lakewood
Posted at 9:36 PM, Dec 25, 2020

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — As fast as the snow was falling on Friday, people were out in Lakewood trying to shovel just as fast.

"There's people trying to get to family on Christmas and it snowed, like a foot," said Delano Yeung.

Delano, his brothers and his father were out in their neighborhood getting rid of the snow as fast as they could.

"We're trying to make sure the people on our street have a nice sidewalk to walk down," said Delano's father Garvin.

Their mother put up a Facebook post offering her family's snow shoveling service for free to anyone who needed it.

"Today I came out because it's crazy out here. You go away for five minutes and it's, like, back up an inch," said Liam Yeung.

The family was out in the snow with their trusty snowblower, ridding the sidewalks and driveways of snow.

The tough work meant an easy road for walkers in the area.

"We just want to help," Garvin said about why the family was chasing growing snow drifts.

"From my house to the end of the street, it was completely covered in snow. You couldn't see the sidewalk," Liam said about the amount of snow they moved.

"I like helping our neighbors. Especially because some people are disabled, like my mother, who aren't able to do this for themselves," Liam said.

"Just do some good. That's all we want to do," Garvin said.